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  • Joy


United States / 12 Minutes / Salim Laham

Film Synopsis

After losing full control over her body, a 21-year-old passionate musician living in the suburbs of Beirut with her handicapped father suffers from a mental condition called conversion disorder after the loss of her beloved mother. She is now set to adapt to her everlasting reality that she will never be able to control her hands the same way she plays music. She encounters a band at the bar that she works at, and that makes her hate her condition even more. However, the person that brought her down figured out that her condition was involuntary and wanted to right his wrongs. He presents her with a present that takes her back to the good old days and triggers her inner passion for music once more. In conclusion, music is a universal language. They both play music together in the air, able to translate that language just through the feeling that music is from within.