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  • Higher Way (Official Music Video)

Higher Way (Official Music Video)

2022 / United States / 18 Minutes / Miguel A. Hernandez

Film Synopsis

In our pursuit of change, we often grasp onto the past through the lens of nostalgia, yearning for a time when happiness felt more tangible. This narrative follows the journey of Ruben, a young adult who sacrifices love in the pursuit of his artistic and musical dreams. As he confronts the reality of navigating this path alone, he discovers the challenges that accompany change and begins to regret his decisions. Struggling to reclaim the comfort he once knew, he realizes the complexity of transformation.

This video serves as an exploration of the intricacies of decision-making, highlighting the difficulty in making choices that are both easy and optimal. It emphasizes the importance of staying true to your initial aspirations, serving as a poignant reminder to keep your ultimate goal in mind.