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  • Imported from China

Imported from China

2013 / USA, China / 31 Minutes / Seri Alumit Zeldes, Troy Hale

Film Synopsis

This documentary, created by Filmmakers Troy Hale and Associate Professor Geri Zeldes Alumit, follows several Chinese international students who are grappling with finding a place in an American universitand within the larger U.S. context. The film demonstrates how relationships are nurtured and shaped across cultural boundaries.

In 2006, only 96 undergraduate students at MSU were from China. This fall, the numbers are expected to soar to more than 4,000 or 13 percent of the undergrad population; this means one out of eight undergrads will be from China.  MSU is not alone. Colleges and universities throughout the country are seeing an influx of students from China. Of the top 20 universities with the largest number of Chinese international students, eight are from the Big Ten.

Nearly 200,000 Chinese international students are studying in the United States, accounting for 25% of the international student population.

The economic impact of Chinese international students was about $14 billion last year, and politicians say that the increase of students from China has been a significant factor in the economic recovery of the U.S.