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  • Flower by Man

Flower by Man

2022 / Taiwan / 5 Minutes / Shawn Yee

Film Synopsis

In the creamy white workshop, the protagonist sculpts the work and gradually ignites the passion for creation. The scene changes to red, and the enthusiasm makes the protagonist not feel the passage of time and immerse himself in the creation. When the scene changes to blue, the protagonist sees many beautiful flowers and feels that his work looks monotonous and pitiful. Not only does it make him feel inferior to his work, but it also represents other frustrations he has encountered. The protagonist broke the white flower in a fit of rage. When he looked at the broken work, he suddenly felt regret. In the final green scene, the protagonist meets his other self and they look at each other. The protagonist looks back on the process of creation and eventually finds a balance that calms his emotions. Finally, he finished the work, which is not the most perfect, but unique.