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  • Darla in Space

Darla in Space

2023 / United States / 94 Minutes / Susie Moon & Eric Laplante

Film Synopsis

Darla runs a business called Kitty Kasket, LLC which makes custom burial receptacles for recently deceased loved ones (of the pet variety). It is an up-and-coming business, so Darla is stunned to learn that she owes $349,00.22 in taxes, due in one month! While filling in for her mom Leona cleaning a warehouse, Darla meets a recently sentient kombucha scoby named Mother who is instantly enamored with Darla and wants to help raise the money. How will Mother help? By using her ability to grant Mind-Blowing Orgasms, of course! Mother has a condition of her own, however: she needs Darla’s help to get to space.