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2020 / Taiwan / 7 Minutes / Huang, Tsai-Chaun


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Film Synopsis

“Since ancient times, the Orientals have avoided to talk about death. The concept of “the dead is king” is even presented on the ceremony of sacrifices. These sacrifices seem to be solace for the people on this shore (people who still alive) because these are not what the dead could physically take away. So, is now this traditional ritual (the sacrifice) a sign of relief or just a form of ceremony?
Due to the revolution of technology, traditional ceremony has been simplified that the spirit of many rituals has been transformed into a kind of routine. The polite blessing makes the funeral a superficial normal that relies only on a large amount of various joss paper. But, can it really let the dead go peacefully?
At the end of life, what do people most want to hear? We believe that only sincere thoughts and blessings can make the dead go well, and the living can live well. For instance, the bright red flowers on the side of the living lead grandpa towards another side (the dead side), flowers turn into pure white ones, and also bring the feeling of miss and sincere blessing. The man who is on the shore (the dead side) farewell to the living side on the another shore. This is the moment the dead finally acquire an eternal rest.