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  • Brenda’s Story: From Undocumented to Documented

Brenda’s Story: From Undocumented to Documented

2022 / United States / 27 Minutes / Geri Alumit Zeldes

Film Synopsis

“Brenda’s Story” documents MSU student Brenda Pilar-Ayala’s citizenship journey as she navigates acculturation issues related to internal and external stresses as an undocumented resident. Brenda is just one of 450,000 college students in the U.S. with undocumented status, many of whom are protected by DACA. Brenda earns scholarships and a place on MSU’s Homecoming Court. As a DREAM-er, Brenda dreams to one day be an American citizen, which — albeit with many deferrals — becomes reality.

Brenda's Story Trailer from Geri Alumit Zeldes on Vimeo.