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  • Blue Sunshine

Blue Sunshine

2023 / India / 97 Minutes / Samyuktha Vijayan

Film Synopsis

Aravind, a high school teacher, wants to transition from male to female while working for a school in a small town in South India. Aravind’s parents do not know that Aravind is already taking hormone treatment for the transition. When his parents force a marriage upon him due to their financial situation, Aravind gains courage under pressure. He starts to live as a woman named Bhanu with his friend Haritha’s help. The school administration creates problems by not acknowledging Bhanu as a woman. As Bhanu struggles to find happiness after transition, she meets a student Karthik who is being bullied by his classmates for his feminine demeanor. Unable to withstand the bullying, Karthik retaliates by wearing makeup and nail polish to school. The school administration blames Bhanu for all the problems. How Karthik and Bhanu deal with the problems form the rest of the story.