2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI
  • Addict


2023 / Taiwan / 6 Minutes / Zih-Jyun Lin

Film Synopsis

What is “love”? This is the central topic explored in the film.
Prior to the formation of love, there is a stronger inclination towards attachment and dependency, which then expands into various manifestations. With this in mind, a 2D animated short film depicting a romantic relationship between two men is created. Love is composed of different factors, including dependency, needs, sexual attraction, and withdrawal, which serve as the four main pillars of the film. The focus lies in the dissatisfaction and withdrawal resulting from lost love, and the attempt to satisfy oneself through the lens of addictive love. The film portrays an irresistible longing for love and an addiction to wanting to love. Emotions are conveyed through classical piano music, while abstract coffee imagery symbolizes the blending with others and the protagonist’s desire to love again. The use of easy-open cans represents the protagonist’s sense of urgency, the desire for immediate gratification that can be obtained effortlessly. Ultimately, the film returns to the theme of existential emptiness.