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Emotional War Doc Confirmed for CCFF

CCFF is excited to announce “Shepherds of Helmand”, a war documentary about an all-volunteer group of National Guard Soldiers from Oregon deployed to Afghanistan to train the Afghan National Army.

This “information age” documentary, told from the soldiers’ perspective, relies heavily on footage shot by the soldiers themselves.  The result is a strikingly honest and intimate portrayal of the life, and death, of soldiers in Afghanistan without the lens of traditional media.  Rarely does an outsider get this kind of glimpse in the realities of life in such a dangerous situation.  

Director Gary Mortensen: Flip phones and digital cameras are revolutionizing how we see events. Look at the tsunami in Japan or the revolutions in the middle east, the “you tube” footage and twitter accounts carry the most credibility and feels the most intimate. I can only imagine how our perspective of Normandy or Iwo Jima may have changed had we had the same access to the soldiers ‘ground truth’. These are the true creators of history.”

Tickets for Sheperds of Helmand will be available soon.