2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI

CCFF sounds

Once again, friends, we’ve finalized another CCFF schedule, and once again we’re bringing you 4 evenings of fantastic live music. Each night of the festival has a totally unique flavor. Personally, I’m super excited to get very little sleep April 11-14.

Because no one tells stories about the nights they got plenty of sleep.

Thursday night we’ll be hosting the co-headling tour of The Mowgli’s and Family of the Year. Two bands you may be familiar with thanks to their heavy rotation on alternative radio stations across the country. This will be a night of genre-blending, California indie-rock, opened by our local pals Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers. Get there on time.

Friday marks the return of ambient indie heroes Lydia to Michigan. Their first visit to the mitten since 2011, and I believe their first, FIRST visit to Lansing. Accompanying Lydia is From Indian Lakes, Sweet Talker, and Lights and Caves. So… pretty much just your run of the mill completely amazing Friday night lineup. NBD.

Saturday, we’re keeping it home-grown with a showcase of mid-Michigan bands, featuring Small Parks celebrating the release of their EP “Meet Me In Cognito”. It’s a clever name, which means it’s a good idea to attend. Wayne Szalinski, Tiger! Tiger!, and Good Day Good Sir will also be bringing instruments to plug in and play melodically. It’s important to support local music. CCFF does, and so should you.

Sunday is closing night, which is sad. However, it means that the internationally-touring live house music band Tortured Soul will be in Lansing for the first time ever. That is not sad. Not only will this be an epic evening of dancing your face off, you’ll also be able to see DJs Robert Perry and Noah DeSmit of Implied Music before they’re way too big to play here anymore.

An all-access CCFF pass gets you into all shows as well as film screenings.

Stay tuned for closer looks at some of the bands in future posts!

-Jake Pechtel, CCFF Entertainment Director