2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI
  • Owen Bones

Owen Bones




Artist Information

Owen Bones stands out in a crowd of endlessly recursive DJs and producers — a 22-year-old presence defined by a stark-white skull. Unimpressed with the form and unfettered by the imagined boundaries of much of modern electronic music production, he’s set himself apart from a scene obsessed with maximalism by reducing his artistic elements to their most essential core components. The result is music that seethes intensity and bleeds light from the seams, free of the need to rely on trope or overplayed form to carry its weight. Largely existing as a digital entity, Owen’s physical form resides on Chicago’s west side and is seen locally from time to time.

Composed from undisclosed locations leagues beneath the waves, Owen Bones arrives with his debut album Dive Club, featuring lil aaron, The Cool Kids, Mothica, Saba, and Tunji Ige. The full-length listening experience is a half-hour journey into the depths of electronic production that eschews genre and form for statement and impact. Shades of hip hop, house music, pop structure, and experimental sounds blend in surprising harmony – controlled chaos as Owen Bones pilots into the depths.