2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI

DJ Rachael P

Artist Information

For me, music is my way of communicating to, and connecting with complete strangers, without saying a single word. My love of music started when I was 6 and snowballed from there. I went from piano, violin, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, bass guitar to DJing. My obsession with House music started in high school (god bless the Mechanical Pulse) and has grown ever since. I’m a house head forever…at least until I die. The thrill I get when I’m playing is addictive. It’s my passion, my outlet, my therapy. I never know what the crowd will be like, how they will react to House music, or what way I’ll try to drive the vibe throughout the night. That’s part of the thrill and it never seems to get old. But when all is said and done, this is what it’s all about for me: “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” – Aldous Huxley