2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI
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Canceled Plans




Artist Information

Canceled Plans is a band that makes music for people who like to stay home. The solo project, by twenty-year-old Michigan-native Michaela Stock, is driven by pop melodies and production yet rooted in indie folk and Americana. ​Canceled Plans began out of the desire to carve a space for introverts in a loud, flashy industry. Stock’s goal for Canceled Plans is to send a message to the quiet ones that says, “I see you and I hear you, even if you’re standing still in the back of the venue.” As an introvert, Stock knows that dancing and singing isn’t the only way to enjoy a performance, “Though it can be fun,” she says. “Sometimes.” In 2019, Michaela is releasing her debut single. She plans to keep playing bills she’s proud to support and working to open up the music industry to be more inclusive to all people, specifically to introverts and women.