2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI
  • Caleb Robinson and Reaching

Caleb Robinson and Reaching

Musicians include Brandon Rose (bass), Brendon Davis (keys), Caleb Robinson (drums),Gary Johnson (guitar), Rufus Ferguson (keys), Shamara Tumblin (vocals)

Artist Information

Caleb Robinson is an up-and-coming musician from Flint, Michigan. He has been learning the craft of drumming since the young age of three. Under the early tutelage of his father, he learned the ins and outs of drumming. Also teaching himself through VHS tapes of artists such as Tony Williams, Dennis Chambers, Elvin Jones, and Omar Hakim. Inspired, Caleb decided to dedicate his life not only to drums but to music. He also plays bass and writes and produces original pieces. Furthering his knowledge, he attended Mott Community College and earned his associate’s degree in Fine Arts & Social Sciences. While currently studying at MSU in the Jazz Studies program under Rodney Whitaker and Randy Gelispie whom he affectionately refers to as Uncle G. Caleb’s original music consists of a duology: Reaching -which is also the name of his band- and Going Home. While his debut album Reaching (2020) was about longing for a sense of direction. Whereas his newly released project Going Home (April 2023) takes you along his journey of finding it.