2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI

Arts in the Community

Motion pictures have held a special place in people’s hearts since their invention in 1895, and ever since then people have been using film as a means to express themselves. Films are a magical experience for those who watch them; they allow us to get lost in imaginary worlds, scare the pants off of us, or leave us on the edge of our seats. Sometimes they make us cry, laugh, scream, or feel just about any emotion. Films also have a profound effect on their creators who pour their hearts into the making; be it through the script, effects, images or characters.

The Capital City Film Festival brings the very best of all of these aspects together in a perfect and enjoyable environment in Lansing. At CCFF, you get to see the art of film making in its purest form, along with new technologies and techniques. Not only do you get the chance to watch quality movies, but you also get the rare opportunity to interact with some of their directors and actors. CCFF offers a tremendous amount of artistic entertainment to Lansing, and I’m excited to see the community come out and take advantage of it.

-Amanda, CCFF intern