2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI


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POSTED: Mar 13, 2023

Running in Circles

A quarter falls from a woman’s purse and spins on the floor. The arms of the clock spin on the wall. The store clerk stocks a shelf. Sometimes he stares at the clock and watches the time, waiting for his shift to end. It’s a typical day on the job. Except, the boss is here […]



Kasha is determined to start life from scratch, but the past is not ready to let him go so easily. Dangerous people follow him straight to the rehabilitation center, and from that moment Kasha has to go on the run. Returning to his hometown, he will try to save not only himself and his brother, […]


A Glimpse of Paradise

*DIRECTOR AND CREW IN ATTENDANCE* A journalist interviews a man who may hold answers about a reclusive doctor’s past and reason for self-exile before his death. The story uncovers the truth about the doctor’s experiment, but it’s only the beginning. “A Glimpse of Paradise” explores the theme of man’s obsession to tamper and the consequences […]


Chasing the Ghost

*ACTOR IN ATTENDANCE* About to enter rehab, a drug-addicted ER doctor is cursed by a sinister force that requires him to find a way to stay high or his loved ones will die.


Ela Veezha Poonchira

The story is set in llaveezhapoonchira, a scenic hilltop in Kerala’s Kottayam province, located 3200 feet above sea level. The film starts by showcasing a small wireless police station at this hilltop where characters Sudhi and Madhu are police officers on duty. Amidst the heavy monsoon season, Sudhi and Madhu (played by Sudhi Kopa and […]