2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI


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POSTED: Mar 3, 2024

Rocket Coma – The End of the World

The End of the World” was recorded in home studios in Fayetteville AR, “Dangerfield” at American Recording Studio in Memphis, Cookie Animation was tasked in bringing “The End of the World” to an Animated story. The space race is here and mars is in sight. Only one can lay claim to it through “fair” competition. […]

POSTED: Mar 2, 2024

Higher Way (Official Music Video)

In our pursuit of change, we often grasp onto the past through the lens of nostalgia, yearning for a time when happiness felt more tangible. This narrative follows the journey of Ruben, a young adult who sacrifices love in the pursuit of his artistic and musical dreams. As he confronts the reality of navigating this […]


Lipstick Jodi – Now That She’s Down

K, the lead singer of Lipstick Jodi is out on the town when they lock eyes with a stranger. One thing leads to another which leads to a menage a troi depicted with fruity euphemisms, bedroom montages, and performance footage set to the single “Now That She’s Down.”

POSTED: Mar 13, 2023

Running in Circles

A quarter falls from a woman’s purse and spins on the floor. The arms of the clock spin on the wall. The store clerk stocks a shelf. Sometimes he stares at the clock and watches the time, waiting for his shift to end. It’s a typical day on the job. Except, the boss is here […]


Jesse Northey – Picking The Numbers

Official music video for “Picking the Numbers” by Toronto-based artist, Jesse Northey. Shot on Super 8 film by Laura La France in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Molly – Don’t Be Suprised

The official music video for ‘Don’t Be Surprised’ by Molly. A visual exploration of Karma as a call to action.


Pink Sky – Behind The Sun

An escape, a journey, a reunion, and a discovery. Set to ‘Behind The Sun’ by Michigan based electronic duo and collaborative art project, Pink Sky, led by husband and wife artists, Ryan and Angelica Hay