2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI


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POSTED: Mar 24, 2024

Lo-tech Reality

Against the post-industrial landscape of Detroit, visitors arrive from the sky in search of knowledge. They find nothing but traces of civilization, and a coded transmission between the images and sounds of the city. In Detroit, the emptiness evokes a dream from the past: the capitalist dream of Fordism derived in a Lo-Tech nightmare. Its […]

POSTED: Mar 22, 2024


In this profoundly personal mixed media experience inside the ADHD mind, the filmmaker takes us on a journey as she discovers her ADHD diagnosis during the height of the pandemic. When she turns the camera on herself and her family to process what this diagnosis means, she also discovers why so many women with ADHD […]



Six deaf performers share struggles and dreams of a new Deaf generation. These poetic self-portraits in sign language show empowerment and confidence, and the vulnerabilities that come with being different.

POSTED: Mar 2, 2024

The Rooms

Cast in a green light, a long corridor seems never ending in sight. Jun-sang faces multiple rooms in this long corridor, meeting various and bizarre people from door to door.


The Smith

“The Smith” is a non-verbal short film based on the Brothers Grimm. The narrative peeks into a world invisible to the human eye. A skilled smith is tempted to sell his soul by the forces of evil in exchange for endless wealth. The bargain states that the devil will come to him in three years, […]


Natural Art

An unconventional young artist is more than inspired by the sounds of Tchaikovsky and the movements of a passionate ballerino for her next work of art.



*CONTENT WARNING: Self-Harm and Sexual Abuse Nakia, a young woman trapped in an abusive relationship, finds herself at a crossroads when she discovers she is pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. Filled with anger and a desperate need for justice, Nakia resorts to a forbidden path in her quest for revenge. However, her intentions unknowingly set […]


I Don’t Fight the Dark as Well as I Used To

I Don’t Fight the Dark as Well as I Used To explores the emotional isolation my Grandfather experienced while taking care of my ailing Grandmother. I wanted to frame this isolation through the lens of the moon landing. Taking a community spectacle and grounding it in an evening of seclusion was my way of externalizing […]


If Only We Had Eyes To See

If Only We Had Eyes To See explores how quickly fortunes can change for gatekeepers of safety, natural resources, and wealth in the ravages of climate change. Trapped by antiquated concepts of nationalism and land rights, a lone figure is left to find safety in a world that denies migration as a fundamental, human right.


Living Reality

A tonal shift occurs inside the world of an American sitcom resulting in the disruption of the show’s rhythm. As it evolves, a looming presence of banality casts a shadow on the show’s bright lights and bubbly personalities. Moments of vulnerability and honesty begin to seep into a world filled with shallow conflicts and punchlines. […]