2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI


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POSTED: Mar 2, 2024

Tuhaymani’chi Pal Waniqa (The Water Flows Always)

Tuhaymani’chi Pal Waniqa (The Water Flows Always) follows a Cahuilla, Cupeño father and daughter attempting to reconnect in a journey through their Indigenous roots in the ancient springs of the Mojave Desert, just as a new water-mining project threatens their very existence. The film addresses the efforts of protecting water resources and the sacred places […]



In ULTIMATE CITIZENS, Jamshid is an Iranian who came to study in 1970’s America, and due to the Revolution, never went “home.” As a guidance counselor in Seattle Public Schools, Jamshid’s best work takes place on the playing field with “his kids,” the children of refugees and immigrants. Their parents are in the grips of […]


What We Find on the Road

On his 18th birthday, TJ receives a key from his estranged ex con father. The key unlocks a timeworn ’68 convertible and a challenge to drive across America – in hopes of repairing his sense of family. Supported by a band of loveable oddballs and held together by humor and grit, TJ discovers that sometimes […]


Synchronicity Story

When a teenage girl becomes obsessed with a boy, she starts seeing synchronous signs of him everywhere and begins to believe it’s her mission to follow the clues the universe is sending her.


Blue Hour

Rene gets far more than she expected when she accepts a last minute photography gig taking portraits for a young woman. Upon meeting her client, Jaz, the true nature of Rene’s job comes into focus.


Last Winter

Prompted by his roommate, Ray’s sudden decision to move away, screenwriter Michal is faced with the bleak prospect of his own future, for maybe the first time. Unable to sleep, haunted by an unseen force in his closet, Michal turns his attention back to his story. Eventually going outside for a break, where he stumbles […]



No one fights to preserve a multiplex, but some people will risk everything to save a marquee. Through booms and busts, Delft Theatres Inc. – and its innovative gem, The Nordic – endured in Marquette Michigan for almost 100 years, even as the world changed endlessly around them. Local kid Bernie Rosendahl’s modern crusade to […]

POSTED: Mar 17, 2023


Taking place over one summer, three adolescent queer friends become enraptured in the nightlife scene of underbelly Toronto, but their bond is tested when a friend of one of them goes missing.

POSTED: Mar 13, 2023

In the Water

*Content Warning: Sexual Assault/Abuse While hooking up at a party, two high schoolers unearth a dark secret leading to an unexpected catharsis.


At a Glance

*Content Warning: Sexual Assault/Abuse During his evening shift, pizza delivery guy Izem suspects domestic violence is taking place behind the doors of a wealthy customer. Do the police believe his warning? At a Glance is about a quest for connection by people from various social backgrounds, who are challenged to shake off their prejudices. For […]