2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI


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POSTED: Mar 2, 2024

I Don’t Fight the Dark as Well as I Used To

I Don’t Fight the Dark as Well as I Used To explores the emotional isolation my Grandfather experienced while taking care of my ailing Grandmother. I wanted to frame this isolation through the lens of the moon landing. Taking a community spectacle and grounding it in an evening of seclusion was my way of externalizing […]


If Only We Had Eyes To See

If Only We Had Eyes To See explores how quickly fortunes can change for gatekeepers of safety, natural resources, and wealth in the ravages of climate change. Trapped by antiquated concepts of nationalism and land rights, a lone figure is left to find safety in a world that denies migration as a fundamental, human right.


Living Reality

A tonal shift occurs inside the world of an American sitcom resulting in the disruption of the show’s rhythm. As it evolves, a looming presence of banality casts a shadow on the show’s bright lights and bubbly personalities. Moments of vulnerability and honesty begin to seep into a world filled with shallow conflicts and punchlines. […]



No one fights to preserve a multiplex, but some people will risk everything to save a marquee. Through booms and busts, Delft Theatres Inc. – and its innovative gem, The Nordic – endured in Marquette Michigan for almost 100 years, even as the world changed endlessly around them. Local kid Bernie Rosendahl’s modern crusade to […]

POSTED: Mar 13, 2023

Time Traveling Through Time

A wannabe film director becomes embroiled in a battle against the laws of time and space when his attempts to recreate the iconic black and white, photograph-only, time travel film, La Jetée, spiral out of control. Narrated by Julian Richings (The Witch; X-Men; The Umbrella Academy) and starring Skyler Caleb (The Office, Two and a […]