2022 Festival

The Lion Rock

See the multi-generation dramatic narrative from Italy, The Lion Rock (subtitled), with the Michigan Frontrunner of Luccica starting the event off!

Drive-in Lot / 231 S Capitol Ave, Lansing MI 48933

Narrative Feature, Drama, Horror, Narrative Short, Romance, Subtitles

Film Information

The Lion Rock

A charming multi-generation dramatic narrative of a small town in Italy.

Rosario Scandura / 2019 / Italian / Italy

Film Information


In this modern opera, a couple eagerly enter their married lives by renovating an old Victorian they hope will become their home. But tragedy strikes when the young wife unexpectedly commits suicide—right before her husband’s eyes. Little did they know, the house was already inhabited by a ghostly apparition seeking revenge on the innocent couple for her own unfortunate life and untimely death. And she wants the husband too. Like a siren, she uses his former love’s own voice to lure him to his death in exchange for a more complete visage in the afterlife.

Jesse McAnally / 2021 / 11 minutes / English / USA