2022 Festival

The Black Opera

Tickets for this concert may be purchased in advance here or at the door. This show is all ages.
*PLEASE NOTE: The headlining act will perform at 10:00 PM

Mac’s Bar / 2700 E. Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48912 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $5


Artist Information

The Black Opera Bio

The Black Opera is a performing arts group that conceals identities of their various group members in order to let their art do all the talking. The group often change up their look for different songs, highlighting their true showmanship and dedication to their artistic brand. The Black Opera is revolutionary to rap, and have been recognized by USA Today, The Queen Latifah Show, Snoop Dogg’s show Underground Heat and by other media outlets.

Artist Information

Ozay Moore Bio

Firmly rooted in the foundation of the culture while stepping confidently into the future all the while remaining current… this is the direction of Ozay Moore. Electronic, Human, Soulful, and Strong better defines the sound of the projects he has underway. Working with producers such as Tall Black Guy, 14kt, Xperiment, Hir-O, Ohmega Watts and many others, all stops have been pulled. After 15 years of releasing records, Ozay still finds plenty to talk about as he remains honest to himself and his fans.

Artist Information

Sway Boi Bio

Sway Boi is a rapper, singer, songwriter that was born in Lansing, MI. The Lansing native has had a passion for the craft since he was a small child. Music has always been his escape for when things get hard or when life took an unexpected turn. He has always been able to channel these hardships into inspirational lyrics that he hopes will motivate the city of Lansing. The young rapper has performed at Mac’s Bar, The Loft, Excel, Blondies, and other venues. He has also opened up for big named artist such as Wiz Khalifa, Bobby Valentino, Futuristic, and D-WHY, Jaren Benton, Caleb Brown, Bingx, J.r. Donato, and Kap G.