2022 Festival


Tickets for this concert may be purchased in advance here or at the door.
The headlining act will perform at 9:30 PM. This show is all ages.

Mac’s Bar / 2700 E. Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48912 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $10

Emo, Pop, Pop-Punk, Rock, Screamo-Rock

Artist Information

Shortly Bio

Shortly is the creative output of Detroit-based artist Alex Maniak, whose debut EP ‘Richmond’ is out now on Triple Crown Records.

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Greet Death Bio

“The Flint, Mich. trio exist(s) in a bloodline that runs from Failure to Hum to Deftones—bands that once tried to smuggle in sludgier, slower, and stonier forms of rock into alternative radio like joints at Coachella. But innovation, particularly in rock music, isn’t often the invention of something entirely new; it’s more likely a small and extremely significant tweak of an existing product. Most vocalists either mutter or mumble through this kind of music, buried in the mix and rendering any sense of “pop” theoretical or relative. Greet Death are pretty much the exact opposite of that. This is a remarkably tuneful, forthright pop-rock band that just so happens to play six-minute songs at bradycardic tempos.” -Ian Cohen, Pitchfork

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Formerly Bodies Bio

Michigan’s “Gentle Rocker,” Hannah Weir of Formerly Bodies is touring solo artist from Detroit, MI. Throwback, her first EP, was released in November of 2016, and her next album’s release date is expected to be announced early 2018. She discovered her own sound with the influence of Now, Now, Lights, and My Epic, and knew that what she had to say through her music was important and rare. The instrumentation and lyrical content will take you on an emotional journey through pain, sadness, and healing in the pursuit of deeper faith; every second soaked in hope and light. After experiencing so much sad, cold darkness. Hannah wanted to show that love prevails and that people are still beautiful. Her music evokes many emotions, but always leaves fresh hope, encouragement, and the sense of release.

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Young Ritual Bio

Singer/Songwriter Dylan Grantham writes very specific songs. A lyrical descendant of Randy Newman, Bob Dylan, Conor Oberst, believing that what makes beautiful art is leaving a part of yourself out in the open. Love, loss, and shame–those are universal experiences that we may not always want to talk about, but we can’t avoid. Young Ritual’s newest release “You Can Be Beautiful, Too”, was recorded in Grantham’s dining room. Using one mic, left to his own compulsive nature, he created music that he has to stand by, because to abandon it would be to abandon himself. We grow out of our discomfort, and we are changing every single day. Young Ritual aims to record that progress through art. Just follow your footprints.