2022 Festival

Sci-Fi Shorts

The Fledge Lansing / 1300 Eureka St, Lansing MI 48912 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $5 / Tickets: At the door only

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Narrative Short, Noir, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Information Superhighway

A man participates in an experiment to test artificial intelligence in driverless cars.

Mathew Nelson / 2018 / 11 minutes / English / USA

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A paranoid loner searches the Mojave Desert for proof of extraterrestrial life and ends up discovering more than he bargained for. Starring Chris Bouffard & Joanna Sotomura.

Jose Luis Gonzalez / 2018 / 17 minutes / English / USA

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The Hobbyist

George Vatistas / 2018 / 9 minutes / English / USA

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Creatures of the Night

A deadbeat vampire discovers there’s more to life than being undead when she manipulates an estranged friend into giving her a place to stay.

Jonpaul Rodriguez / 2018 / 15 minutes / English / USA

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A loving couple retreats to a cabin in the mountains, for some fresh air, quiet, and to work on private project they hope will make the whole world a better place.

Nicholas Thurkettle / 2018 / 13 minutes / English / USA

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When a destructive force comes between two sisters, it threatens their relationship and their lives.

Natalie Peracchio / 2018 / 7 minutes / English / USA

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Sombra City

In the year 2037, a corporate assassin revisits a city lost in time and the love he left behind.

Elias Plagianos / 2018 / 10 minutes / English, Spanish / USA

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The Glimpse

*DIRECTOR IN ATTENDANCE* The Glimpse is a story about two artists unknown to each other, who get a glimpse of each other’s possible future and it suggests that one of them will be murdered and the other will be the murderer.

Chandrika Abhang / 2018 / 9 minutes / English / USA

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After Ashes

*DIRECTOR IN ATTENDANCE* After a plague wipes out most of humanity, transforming them into mindless creatures, The Grim Reaper struggles with boredom as he kills time more than he does people. Kali Kaminski, the lone human survivor, struggles to maintain her sanity while keeping creatures and lethargy at bay. These two individuals inevitably meet and find kindred spirits in one another changing both of their outlooks on the world they find themselves trapped in.

Jesse McAnally / 2018 / 15 minutes / English / USA

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Debbie is rude with her own family. But after a dramatic car accident, she starts to regret about the way she behaved with them. Unexpectedly, Debbie’s story connects with Arsys’s, an experienced military and space fighter pilot who tries to survive a huge space battle which takes place on other time…another galaxy….another universe.

Luis Tinoco Pineda / 2018 / 15 minutes / English / Spain