2022 Festival

Saturday Shorts @ 7:30

Riverwalk Theatre / 228 Museum Dr, Lansing MI 48933 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $5 / Tickets: At the door only

Comedy, Coming-of-Age, Drama, Music Video, Narrative Short, Romance

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A Picnic Table, At Dusk

A grieving teen has a mysterious correspondence with an unseen stranger by leaving messages on a picnic table at the park near her house.

Sheridan O'Donnell / 2018 / 11 minutes / English / USA

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Magnolia & Clementine

Most of her brilliant ideas end up in the bathroom trash, deleted, or left unfinished all thanks to her wonky computer that crashes at the most inconvenient times. Struggling writer, HER, tosses out a story that gets turned into a published successful piece of work. By her more famous husband. Frustrated and jealous, HER, heads to a local coffee shop for a for a change of scenery to work where she sees some unexpected familiar faces. That event sparks some unwelcomed but much needed changes to HER life. Confronting her past and making peace with her expectations of the future. We see a women consciously stepping out of her own way and into her destiny.

Ashley Shelton / 2018 / 16 minutes / English / USA

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Terminally in Love

Terminally in Love is a first-person journey through the mind of Quinn, a neurotic stoner struggling to get over her ex-girlfriend Allie as she slips from reality into a stream of heroic fantasies, wistful memories, and cringe-worthy dreams.

Emily Jenkins, Justin Black / 2018 / 17 minutes / English / Canada

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Abby & Chris are pushed together romantically by their friends, but neither have dated within their race before. They confront their vulnerabilities and explore their relationship experiences.

Marissa High / 2018 / 9 minutes / English / USA

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Self Tape

A young actress puts herself on tape for a role. Upon meeting the wunderkind, indie director at a cafe, the actress soon realizes that the director’s intentions may not be as innocent as they seem. An exploration of the coercive power dynamics in Hollywood, Self Tape invites us into the mind of a burgeoning actress coming of age under the harsh spotlight.

Sam Kressner / 2018 / 10 minutes / English / USA

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WONDERWALL is a short film/narrative cinematic music video, which tells the story of unconditional love that helps overcome the loss of a loved one and helps one cope with grief.

A musical story follows a young man whose heart has been broken due to the lost of a loved one, and he is trying to escape reality. But his surreal experience while in the Chernobyl exclusion zone gives him a chance to discover himself.

Alexander Denysenko / 2018 / 7 minutes / English / Ukraine

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A pardoned ex-con reluctantly returns to prison as a visitor because an inmate keeps sending him postcards. “The hardest prison to escape is a hateful heart.”

Scott A. Magie / 2018 / 13 minutes / English / USA