2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI

Laugh Lab [FREE]

Part live comedy, part video sketch, and all about hilarious experimentation! LAUGH LAB brings some of the funniest comedians around together on stage and on screen. Hosted by Dan Currie, Robert Jenkins, and Pat Sievert of Mac’s Monday Comedy Night.

Robert Jenkins

Robert Jenkins uses his sharp words, quick wit, and disarming delivery to tell you why he’s right. You’ll probably disagree, but you’ll probably laugh. A Detroit (actual Detroit) native and Lansing, Michigan resident, Robert has performed at the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and Laughfest where he was a participant in the Best of the Midwest Comedy Competition. Robert’s comedy albums “Achievement Unlocked” and “Attempted Salvation,” are available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Dan Currie

Dan Currie took the stage one day at his high school talent show and he hasn’t stopped making people laugh since. He’s spent years as a vital part of the Midwest’s comedy underground, working comedy clubs and doing the road. In his hometown of Lansing, he’s a co-founder of Mac’s Monday Comedy Night, a nationally known hot spot for new talent. Behind his amiable demeanor lies a sharp observational wit that finds the funniest perspective on everyday life.

Pat Sievert

Pat Sievert sees things in a way you’ve never considered, but it’s a perspective you’ll never forget. Based out of Lansing, Michigan, he’s quietly become a fixture in the Midwestern underground comedy scene. He’s honed his charmingly quirky, wickedly funny material with diligent road work, appearing at festivals across the country (Whiskey Bear, Motor City and Savage Henry to name a few). Whether it’s an indie DIY show or an A-list comedy club, Pat is a refreshing new voice that stands out from the crowd.

Gerrit Elzinga

After a year and some-odd days of sobriety, Gerrit Elzinga has never been more clearheaded and confident. His skills as a social commentator, personal storyteller and fart-sound enthusiast have been honed all across the country as a traveling comedian and cohost of the podcast “This Better Be Good.”

Jacqui Marpa

Jacqui Marpa is a Filipino stand-up comedian born and raised in Manila, Philippines and immigrated to the States in 2009. She began her comedy career in 2013 while pursuing higher education. While most college students experiment sexually during these formative years, she embarked on wild adventures to places like hip dive bars and recycle centers just to tell her sillies instead. Jacqui’s comedy will tickle your funny bone with her farcical views in life and slightly obscene quips.

Samantha Rager

Sam Rager offers audiences a charmingly dark perspective. Layering playful anecdotes with vulnerable pieces, she is able to connect with people on a deeper yet sometimes uncomfortable level. Sam was one of Laughfest’s “Best of the Midwest” in 2019, a headliner at the inaugural Detroit Women of Comedy Festival, and a wows audiences at community colleges and nursing homes across the region. Her debut album, Trigger Warning* is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Louis D. Michael

Louis is childish at heart and playfully wanders through life reminding us how strange and absurd it really is. Eclectic, with a unique goofy confidence, his comedy has been described as “edgy and not entirely well thought out” but his jokes, and whimsical stories will have an audience’s laughing perhaps to their surprise at some darker topics, cutting like a butter knife with an edge.

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