2023 Festival

Archived: Friday Night Shorts

Lansing Public Media Center / 2500 S Washington Ave, Lansing MI 48910

Cost: $5

Short Film

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The Stomach

Frank’s had enough. A spirit medium whose unique and grotesque method of channeling the dead is putting his own life at risk, he wants out. But others, in this world and the next, have plans of their own. Part body horror, part crime thriller, part ghost story, The Stomach is a unique tale of Supernatural Noir.

Ben Steiner / 2014 / 15 minutes / English / UK

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Wedding Dress

Michael has long been estranged from his family. When he shows up and meets his new sister-in-law, lives will change forever.

Haroula Rose / 2014 / 12 minutes / USA / English

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Tobacco Burn

In the tradition of John Huston’s films: The Treasure of Sierra Madre and Fat City and the collective work of Sam Peckinpah, Tobacco Burn similarly explores the relationship between man and violence. Motivated by the primal instinct to protect, Marcus, a young slave wants to kill Sherman, the hateful overseer that has been raping Loretta. Isaac, an older slave works to convince Marcus of the emotional and spiritual repercussions of ending another man’s life, his wisdom however, is unable to sway the primacy of this young buck. The film culminates with a series of events that both defy each other’s outlook and provide promise for their future, and as each man’s motive for violence begins to boil, his understanding of life changes drastically.

In an attempt to subvert the slave narrative genre, this film examines the pathos of oppressed men and highlights the complexities of exercising ones will. Instead of focusing on genre conventions, Tobacco Burn attempts to portray the inner working of a man and his response to violence.

Justin Liberman / 2013 / 17 minutes / English / USA

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The story follows a young girl, passionate about football, and a shopkeeper living in remote village in the desert of Eritrea, on the east coast of Africa. It’s a film about harsh reality, dreams and the blurred line between the two seen thru the eyes of a 6 year old.

Emnet Mulugeta / 2014 / 5 minutes / English / USA

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While spreading ‘The Truth’ in rural Wisconsin, Jehovah’s Witnesses Jakob (Ronan Babbitt) and Abraham (Will Mobley) come across a disturbing discovery that puts multiple lives at risk.

Justice will be served in this ‘Midwestern’ thriller when their paths collide with Police Chief Nelson Burch (Marcus Truschinski) and local Judge Al Goodwin (Jonathan Smoots), both of whom have their own ways of enforcing the law.

David Eisenberg / 2014 / 17 minutes / English / USA

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The chills of winter blow through a rural Midwestern community in 1944 and Sam Whitaker, a lonely 9-year-old, awaits her father’s return from the World War 2 front lines. One day, Sam has a chance run in with a disfigured older boy named Frank, who is known for his monstrous appearance as the town outcast. Despite the harsh criticism from her peers, Sam befriends Frank, and learns a lesson about true friendship while nurturing a rare breed of moths.

Andy Fortenbacher / 2014 / 22 minutes / English / USA