2021 Festival

Dear Sylvia


Potter’s Mill / 701 East South St, Lansing MI 48910 /    Alcohol offered

Cost: $5 / Tickets: At the door only

Documentary Feature, Narrative Short

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Dear Sylvia

After losing her memory and her way of life, a filmmaker gives former Broadway actress Sylvia Gassel the opportunity to act again in an attempt to reinvigorate her. When Sylvia challenges the filmmaker to reflect on his own morality in making the film, the project takes a unique turn. An intimate look at the intricacies of the aging mind, family responsibilities, and the artistic process.


Evan Margolis / 2016 / 72 minutes / English / USA

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Another night, another naked body in her bed. She feels no love, just passion. A sharp lancet in her hands and a hidden box with her secrets. Only she knows how it all will end and who will be her next victim.

Elena Brodach / 2016 / 7 minutes / English / Russia