2024 FESTIVALApr 10-20, 2024Lansing, MI

Google CS First


FREE Google CS First Club
for 5/6th grade! ONE DAY ONLY

Design and create your own games OR arrange original music and program visual effects!


Game Design

Students learn basic video game coding concepts by making different types of games, including racing, platform, launching, and more!

Learn More about Game Design: https://www.cs-first.com/clubplan/game-design

Activity 1: Gaming Story
Activity 2: Racing

FREE REGISTRATION to the first 20 students
Saturday April 9



Music & Sound

Students use the computer to play musical notes, create a music video, and build an interactive music display while learning how programming is used to create music.

Learn more about Music & Sound: https://www.cs-first.com/clubplan/music-sound

Activity 1: Introduction & Discovery
Activity 2: Dance Party

FREE REGISTRATION to the first 20 students
Saturday April 9



Event supported by the Lansing Schools Education Association